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What is a Cover Supervisor?

What is a Cover Supervisor?

The job title of ‘Cover Supervisor’ is very new in UK schools and it has come about as a result of the governments ‘Remodelling of the School Workforce’ agenda (see )

Working as a cover supervisor can be extremely rewarding but also very demanding. There is a high level of responsibility and although there is always a teacher close at hand if needed, there is a large amount of autonomy.

A cover supervisor is likely to be used for short-term absences of a teacher. These might be known in advance (for example, where a teacher has a medical appointment or is undergoing professional development) or unexpected (for example, absence due to illness.

On a daily basis, cover supervision is more than likely to include:

However, schools may wish to employ staff for cover supervision but on occasions where they are not needed for cover, they might also be released to provide additional support to teachers in classrooms, or to carry out administrative tasks for example.

Thus it is easy to see how the role of cover supervisor and teaching assistant can become interchangeable.

The working day is usually during school hours and often, term time only. Salaries are set locally by schools, usually with guidance from local education authorities

#The Challenges & The Rewards

If you are Cover Supervisor looking for either permanent, long term or daily supply, then we can help. Our relationships with local schools provide access to a wealth of teaching opportunities in Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools nationwide.

Teachers UK have enjoyed much success by putting Cover Supervisors at the forefront of our business. To ensure consistency in our service to you, you will be appointed one of our experienced consultants who will take the time to establish your individual needs and always be your point of reference.

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