FAQ – Retired teachers returning to teaching

1. I want to be a supply teacher; how do I find a school to work in?
We recommend that you liaise directly with supply agencies like ourselves rather than schools. This is to avoid additional burdens on schools and because supply agencies work directly with schools who need urgent staffing cover. We can also help you to complete the necessary pre-employment checks.

2. How do I find a supply agency?
You can search on the internet for agencies within your area. We have been supplying schools with teachers across Primary, Secondary, and Further Education for decades. We have day-to-day, short- and long-term opportunities to suit your lifestyle, you can opt for the rapid registration here 

3. Will I need to complete pre-employment checks (e.g. – DBS checks)?
We will be able to let you know if you need to undertake any new DBS checks. We will also support you to complete any other necessary pre-employment checks.

4. Who pays for the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check?
Anyone working within a school must have an Enhanced DBS check, supply staff including teachers are responsible for the payment which costs £47, we will support you with an application.

5. How much will I get paid?
The level of pay is agreed with the school. Subject to your individual circumstances, you may be subject to deductions for tax on any earnings and/or National Insurance contributions, we can advise you further on registration.

6. Will my teachers’ pension be impacted if I return as a supply teacher?
It will depend on who your employer is. Teacher supply agencies, like ourselves, do not participate in the Teachers’ Pensions Scheme (TPS) and therefore returning to teaching in this way will not affect your pension. Local authorities (Las), academies and further education colleges do participate in the TPS. If you are employed directly as a supply teacher by one of these organisations, then you can check how this may affect you here