Introduction to Wellbeing

When we are faced with difficult or stressful situations, we often find that we react in ways that we don’t fully understand and do things that we wouldn’t normally do. Currently as a nation we are experiencing a threatening situation that we have no control over. Whilst we may accept and understand the need for the measures we are all expected to take, it is undoubtedly making an impact on all of our lives and though we may not recognise it initially, this is causing a lot of anxiety for many people.

Over the last week you may have struggled to adjust to your new ‘routine’. Your sleep may well be disturbed, you may be staying up later (why not, you haven’t got to get up for work). You may be getting angry with others who are not staying home, or wondering why, in the huge queue to get into the supermarket an entire family has to do the shop. You may be eating and drinking more. Emotionally you might be feeling overwhelmed, getting headaches, picking fights or getting into arguments with family that you haven’t seen this much of since you can’t remember when. You may also be laughing unexpectedly or saying random, inappropriate things and you have probably become a Covid-19 expert overnight, with a master plan that means you can still go on your holiday that was cancelled. Alternatively, you may have just decided to hibernate until it is all over and pressed pause on 2020.

Download an introduction to Wellbeing created by Nullam Wellbeing to support our candidates.