Selection Process

Together creating a smooth and rigorous selection process

We will:-

  • Learn about your culture, ethos, and needs, allowing us to be more accurate in our search and selection process.

  • Set clear timelines.

We will:-

  • Introduce your role to our leadership candidates.

  • Advertise your role through specific social media campaigns and industry leading job boards.

  • Update you on our search regularly with detailed feedback on progress.

We will:-

  • Interview each applicant who meets the defined criteria.

  • Focus on identifying their skillset, leadership style and values to best match your setting.

  • Select the most appropriate and prepare them for presentation.

We will:-

  • Present each selected candidate to you via our digital candidate pack.

  • Highlight all candidates’ key attributes to you.

  • Provide our feedback on each candidate based on our process so far.

We will:-

  • Collaborate with you to finalise a shortlist of selected candidates.

  • Help to arrange interviews and plan the schedule for the day.

  • Produce interview packs for all selected candidates to assist them on the day.

We will:-

  • Be available to help facilitate your interview day where possible.

  • Obtain feedback from all after the interviews and set timelines for decision outcomes.

  • Be available to answer any queries and assist in decision making if requested.


We will:-

  • Obtain feedback from yourself on all candidates so that we can offer development and support to them in pursuit of their next role.
  • Gain feedback from all so that we can focus on improving process.


We will:-

  • Support you and the successful candidate following the appointment process to ensure a seamless transition; our service offering extends far beyond the hiring process.
  • Be accessible to assist you with any questions/queries.

Together shaping better futures

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