NSPCC Number Day

Its NSPCC Number Day in the UK! Did you know that on Friday 3 February 2023 its NSPCC Number Day? This is an opportunity for teachers and T.A.s to focus on maths whilst fundraising.

What is NSPCC Number Day?

The idea of NSPCC is to raise awareness of abuse of children whilst raising money to support sources to help them. The theme of the day uses maths as a focus. This means that pupils in KS1 and KS2 can dress up using a number theme, called ‘Dress up for Digits.’ KS1, KS2 and KS3 students can all join in fun maths activities and games, while raising money.

Teachers and Teaching Assistants can register for activity packs and information via the NSPCC website here .

Raising awareness amongst teachers and T.A.s of common signs of abuse in children

Based on information from the NSPCC website, here is a list of common signs of abuse amongst children. However, teachers and teaching assistants should note that there are different signs for different types of abuse. So for example, signs of neglect will be different. Also, teachers should note that there may be other reasons for the listed behaviours in children but it may help you to assess your concerns.

Here are some common signs of abuse that teachers should be aware of:

  1. knowing the child already, spot when they have unexplained changes in behaviour or personality
  2. look out for pupils who may be  withdrawn
  3. identify pupils who seem overly anxious or have suddenly become anxious when it is not normal for them
  4. note when a child suddenly becomes unhappy and tearful, which is unexplained and not usual for them
  5. consider what may be behind aggressive behaviour when it is out of character for the child
  6. spot pupils who lack social skills and has few friends
  7. be aware of those children who do not seem to have a close bond with a parent/guardian
  8. spot any child who has knowledge of adult issues/behaviours that are inappropriate for their age
  9. look out for any child who seems unhappy and runs away or goes missing
  10. pay attention to pupils who want to always wear clothes which cover their body even when too hot.

Throughout February we will be focusing on children’s wellbeing, look out for our weekly features. Our latest news will include articles on children’s mental health, eating disorders and helping children to practise gratitude.