Case Study

Joshua, Teacher

I first started volunteering in a school following a summer doing camp America where I taught football skills to children. I found I enjoyed it so much that it was something I wanted to continue to do at home. I asked around a few people who I knew with links to local schools then introduced myself to the headmaster of a primary school. Following all the relevant checks including DBS, I started helping a teacher in the afterschool football club. I found it very rewarding as I was able to help the kids learn new footballing skills; I was sharing my passion and loved it.

The kids responded really well to me, being young and enthusiastic and a non-teacher, they were able to call me Josh but looked up to me. When the team was successful playing other schools, the parents got to know me as well and were full of thanks, especially when we won. It was great doing something I loved which was making a difference for the kids and the school.

Over a number of years of carrying out a variety of jobs and completing different courses, I discovered that my heart was in teaching. I set out to gain the qualifications I needed to do my teacher training course, which incidentally I was paid to do, and became a qualified teacher in 2019. Later that year I started my first, permanent teaching job which heavily features sport and love it.

However, I may not have ever discovered my love of teaching if it wasn’t for the experience, I had volunteering in a local primary school; it really set me up for what I think will be a life- long career. Anyone with a skill or passion who is willing to share some time to benefit others could help out a school, as long as you go through the right channels and get clearance via relevant checks. You never know whose life you may inspire to be really successful at something that may not have happened without the extra support you had given to them.