Case Study

Nic, Recruitment Consultant

Nic has been keeping micro-hedgehogs, also known as African Pygmy Hedgehogs for the last few years and a chance discussion with her mum, who works in a school, led to the idea of taking the hedgehogs into meet the children. The initial school visit went so well, it is now a regular occurrence at few different schools. Nic feels there is an abundance of learning opportunities for children whose interest is brought alive with the opportunity to see a live micro-hedgehog and be able to stroke it.

Each visit is different depending on the age range of the children; some schools start with a presentation about the hedgehogs and have the children prepare questions in advance of her visit. The children sometimes draw pictures and write thank you letters afterwards. They may learn more about Africa or about native hedgehogs and wildlife in this country, learning about their dietary needs; they may even leave appropriate food out for hedgehogs in their own gardens at home.

Nic described what a wonderful opportunity it is to volunteer in the schools that she also does business with. She gets to go into the classrooms and meet the children as well as the staff that work there and knows the difference she is making when she receives wonderful feedback from the schools and children. Parents have also got to know about the visits as word has spread and are as equally enthusiastic about it all.