Children’s survey summary

The BBC’s Newsround conducted a survey of 2,013 six- to sixteen-year-olds from all over the UK about their experience of the past year. We have summarised the headline stats here:

  • 50% of children reported that their experience during lockdown was either better or no change from usual
  • 24% said they felt better, 25% felt the same
  • 49% said they felt worse than usual, with 51% of girls and 53% of older children reporting this to be the case
  • 57% have done less exercise than normal
  • 98% rated seeing family and friends as the most important thing to them, with 70% of girls saying it was very important.
  • 93% stated their health was important to them
  • 66% agreed money was important, with 75% of 13–16-year-olds, stating it being most important to them
  • 28% reported being worried at being behind in their work

The findings of the survey have been reflected by Dame Rachel de Souza, the recently appointed the Children’s Commissioner for England, who has given a speech regarding the impact of lockdown for children and said “It’s really important that we now listen to what children have to say about their experiences over the last year. I will be working with the Prime Minister to make sure the government is doing everything it can to help children feel happier and positive about the future… We shouldn’t panic children about the lessons they have missed or about how far they have fallen behind. Giving children opportunities to rediscover play, sport, clubs and activities and just spending time with their friends must be one of the foundations of helping them to get back on track.”

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