Erudio’s report on the impact of COVID-19 on schools

As we are all aware the emergence of COVID-19 in 2020 caused great disruption to all school routines worldwide, with schools fully or partially shutting down. From this, schools have had to make considerable changes to how they normally operate and help their staff, pupils and their families adjust to the new and often changing circumstances.

The organisations Edurio and United Learning partnered up to design a ‘COVID-19 Impact Review’ which was launched in June 2020. This multi-stakeholder review was conducted in order to better understand how pupils, parents and school staff experienced learning and working during the disorder caused by the pandemic. The report comprised of data from 45,338 surveys completed by 22,729 parents, 14,432 pupils and 8,177 staff, spanning over 277 schools, making it the largest comprehensive COVID-19 review.

The report’s general findings (found Chapter 3) conclude an overall positive tone of responses, with a lot of appreciation to the actions taken by schools and a majority of stakeholders appearing to have coped well despite the difficult surroundings. The report also provides a deeper analysis into the four fundamentals of a good education, listed as; learning, well-being, community, leadership and safety (Chapter 4).

The aim of the report is to help see the subsequential effects created by the disruption of COVID-19 in the school environment, in order to help schools and system leaders make better decisions and build resilience within their organisation. The implications of this report hope to assist school leaders guide their responses to possible future disruptions and identify priorities in the recovery phase.

To find out more information on Edurio’s highly instructive COVID-19 report, we have provided you with the option to download it here.