NEU’s latest survey summary

As the majority of schools returned to full opening in March, reflections of working in education during restrictions and lockdowns, a year on, have been captured by a recent survey.

The National Education Union surveyed more than 10,000 of its members and included questions on which features of their working conditions since March 2020 would they like to see stay as a result of lockdown measures. The survey revealed the following:

  • 69% favoured new ways of working with technology in teaching
  • 57 % feel that schools should retain online parents’ evenings
  • 46 % want smaller class sizes to continue.
  • 37 % appreciated “greater levels of communication” with parents/guardians

Further views need to be gathered before making permanent changes, but it will be interesting to see if things like online parents evening is also preferred by families as well as pupils.

The awareness of the impact of lost learning for pupils over the last year has always been significant, with an increasing focus on “education recovery”. Ministers have pledged £200 million in funding for secondary summer schools, and are also considering longer-term proposals, such as lengthening the school day.

Operam Education Group has been recruiting education staff including tutors as part of the education recovery strategy for many months and continues to attract individuals who have the skills for a range of roles. Vast numbers of tutors still remain in need if the government’s plans to help pupils catch up on their disrupted learning is to be fulfilled. If you are a retired teacher, teaching assistant or have any experience in tutoring, please get in touch; lots of roles have flexibility in terms of hours and locations. In addition, if you think you have any transferrable skills for tutoring or know anybody who may be interested, please call us to discuss as we can advise as some tutoring roles have training provided.