NFER summary for teachers

Here we look at NFER summary for teachers but who are NFER?

NFER stands for the National Foundation for Educational Research. They research various aspects within the education sector and released a report in March 2023. The report: Teacher Labour Market in England, 2023, explored the shortfall in teacher recruitment.

NFER summary for teachers includes 10 facts about teacher recruitment from their latest report.

The report found:

  1. February 2023 teacher vacancies were 37% higher than at the same point in the 2021/22 school year.
  2. It predicts that 9 out of 17 secondary school subjects will miss government recruitment targets by 20%.
  3. Physics teachers, modern foreign languages teachers and computing teachers are the most under recruited secondary teachers.
  4. Due to teacher leaving rates, English, chemistry, mathematics, and geography subjects, are also “at risk of under-recruiting” teachers this year.
  5. It found the continued option of remote working in other professions attractive to a graduate workforce; it’s very limited in teaching.
  6. The concern about teacher recruitment has led to the Commons Education Committee to launch an inquiry into teacher recruitment and retention in schools in March 2023.
  7. Teacher shortages has led school headteachers to manage by using staff not qualified to teach the subject in the classes they are covering.
  8. The government is likely to miss its targets for recruiting teachers in primary schools, not just secondary school subjects.
  9. It suggests the government funds research into teachers’ working preferences.
  10. It urges school leaders to be flexible in accommodating teachers work preferences to improve retention rates.To find out more beyond our NFER summary for teachers, why not read the report in full by clicking here.If you are a teacher or T.A. looking for flexible working, supply teaching may be for you. Why not contact one of our experienced recruitment consultants or register with us to find your next  teaching role.