One To Watch : Best Company 2021

Recognised for being a well led, well managed organisation throughout the pandemic and achieving ‘good’ levels of engagement, Operam Education Group have received a ‘Ones To Watch 2021’ status from the Best Companies.

The leadership team’s underpinning philosophy was not to leave anyone isolated, so that all employees – whether furloughed or not, whatever their length of company service – would be treated inclusively and equally.

 Their usual processes of regular one-to-one performance sessions continued throughout lockdown with managers, so that personal, as well as business development, was not hindered.

Operam Education Group is a founder led organisation that passionately believes in supporting its colleague workforce to learn, adapt and evolve, as people are one of its biggest investments. Since 2017 the Group has acquired and embedded multiple brands into the business and have been keen to explore the impact of the acquisition process and operational transformation amongst our colleagues, as well as the challenging effects of 2020.

We have supported our colleagues more than ever; we genuinely care about their well-being. We endeavour to support their personal and professional aspirations and career development, making them feel valued is a priority not only to help them but to help business relationships, engagement, growth, and staff retention. It is important therefore as we continue to invest in and develop our business to utilise an evidenced based approach to understand our employees’ level of engagement, learn what we were doing right and identify areas we need to improve upon.


We are delighted to have the best Companies accreditation as this will help us shape our vision and ultimately the Operam Education internal culture. Eddie Austin CEO. – Eddie Austin, CEO.

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