A-level Results Summary

Results summary 2022

Results summary for 2022, with facts and figures about ‘a’ level results compared to previous years and what this tells us.
Here are interesting facts about our results summary 2022.

Facts about the popularity of subjects

  1. Mathematics was the most popular subject, accounting for 11.3% of all entries, but with an overall drop of 2.1%.
  2. Psychology is the second most popular subject followed by biology.
  3. Sociology is the fifth most popular subject at ‘a’ level.
  4. English literature is outside of the 10 most popular subjects and saw a drop of 9.4% since 2021.
  5. Languages remain unpopular.
  6. Spanish is still the most popular modern foreign language despite a slight decline in entries.
  7. French entries went down by 5.4%.
  8. German entries increased by 3.5% increase but from figures that were very low.
  9. Geography is no longer in the top 10 most popular subjects in England.
  10. Economics is in the top 10 for the first time.

Facts about performance in results including regional variations

  1. Results overall are better than pre-pandemic levels, with the proportion of As and A*s up from 25.4% in 2019 to 36.4% in 2022.
  2. Girls continue to outperform boys, but the lead has narrowed.
  3. The overall pass rate of entries graded A* to E – fell by 1.1 percentage points from 99.5% in 2021 to 98.4% this year.
  4. The proportion of UK candidates receiving top grades went down from last year with 36.4% of entries awarded an A or A*, down from 44.8% in 2021 (2019 figure was 25.4%)
  5. 6% were awarded an A*, down from 19.1% in 2021 (2019 figure was 7.7%)
  6. London and the south-east of England had the highest number of students awarded top grades.
  7. The north-east of England recorded the lowest proportion of students getting a top rate grade.
  8. Generally, there seems to be a north/ south divide with a difference of approximately 5% more of students awarded top grades in the southern regions.

The results summary 2022 clearly shows significant regional differences and the GCSE results which we will summarise for you in our next latest news will either support or contradict this.