September start

Following on from our last two latest news which looked at facts about children and Covid-19, along with considerations for re-openings of schools, we have listed practical measures that can be used tin order to be school ready.

Practical measures:

  • Layout re-design to maximise distancing
  • One-way systems
  • Good ventilation
  • Regular cleaning of shared surfaces, classrooms and any areas involving multiple groups.
  • Promotion, facilities and practice of good regular, hand hygiene.
  • Promotion, facilities and practice of good respiratory hygiene.
  • Additional heating for continued ventilation during cold weather
  • Social/physical distancing (where possible considering age range of pupils)
  • Segmentation of pupils in primary school and in years 7- 9 of secondary school.
  • Pupils in years 10-13 in secondary may be in year segmentations due to different academic sets/options, so space and staff need to me considered to maximise safety
  • Perspex barriers within classrooms but consider risks to ventilation and impact on class lesson/activity.
  • Microphones/audio equipment for lectures (reduces droplets created form voice projection).
  • Different entrances and exits for staff/ year groups
  • Staggered start and finishing times
  • Staggered lunch and break times
  • Mask wearing for older pupils (controversial, next article looks at pros and cons)


Practical underpinning support mechanisms:

  • Education of staff, pupils and parents/guardians
  • Clear signage
  • Sickness policy modifications
  • Absenteeism policy modifications
  • Clear guidance for all, if experiencing symptoms/illness
  • Behaviour policy modification to support expected pupil behaviour of safety measures
  • Reliable cleaning firms and routines
  • Supply agency arrangements for consistency of staff