Simon, Primary Teacher

Simon Chatterton, Primary Teacher, Nottingham & Derbyshire

Background. Simon started teaching in 1989 and has witnessed many changes spanning over three decades, particularly the introduction of laptops, which were originally intended to reduce workload, but he feels they’ve doubled or indeed trebled it.

For his first teaching role, Simon worked at a primary school in Gedling and enjoyed it so much, he remained there for 25 years! However, following this, a move to a Mansfield school wasn’t quite as satisfying, which led Simon to try supply teaching within primary schools; a positive choice he’s been happy with for the last 5 years.

Recent experience and roles. This year Simon has worked in more than 10 schools with children ranging from reception to year 11; mostly long-term assignments with some day to day work.  Simon appreciates both the flexibility and variety of supply teaching and plans to continue this path for the foreseeable future.

The satisfaction from teaching keeps Simon commitment thriving, as he explains “I still enjoy it as you make a difference for some. Perhaps giving them chances they might not have had. Quite recently a year 6 girl was already virtually written off in the current system of assessment, but just by listening to her read and taking an interest, she passed her SATs. Obviously in 30 years there are many other examples, a pupil who I introduced to goal keeping has had a great deal of success and although he is not playing professionally, he is still plays now well into his twenties.”

Simon’s experience also includes teaching in secondary and SEN schools, but undoubtedly primary teaching appears to be his forte.

What Simon says about Teachers UK. Simon registered with Teachers UK upon recommendation from a colleague; he finds them very supportive, taking the time to regularly catch-up. Simon would highly recommend Teachers UK to anyone seeking to try supply teaching as they have found him regular and local work, matching him to a number of jobs which have proved a positive experience, commenting that “they provide an excellent service for teachers at any stage of their career.”

Simon’s advice for a long teaching career:
 “Be prepared to work hard, celebrate success be yourself and smile, no one wants to be taught by a misery.”