Teaching Assistant Level 2

As you’ve probably already read Teaching Assistants (TA) have become a valued asset within the classroom.  The role of a TA is distinctly different from a Teacher, in that you will not be the one planning and delivering the lessons. The Teaching Assistant is there to support the Teacher and should take instructions from the class Teacher. As their demand and role have evolved so too have their responsibilities.

Here’s a summary of expectations for a TA at level 2. 

Purpose of the Role
To work with Teachers to support teaching and learning by working with individuals or small groups of pupils under the direction of teaching staff and may be responsible for some learning activities within the overall teaching plan.

Key duties:

  • Implement planned learning activities/teaching programmes as agreed with the Teacher, adjusting activities according to pupils’ responses as appropriate.
  • Participate in planning and evaluation of learning activities with the teacher, providing feedback to the teacher on pupil progress and behaviour.
  • Support the Teacher in monitoring, assessing and recording pupil progress/activities.
  • Provide feedback to pupils in relation to attainment and progress under the guidance of the Teacher.
  • Support learning by arranging/providing resources for lessons/activities under the direction of the Teacher.
  • Support pupils in social and emotional well-being, reporting problems to the Teacher as appropriate.
  • Share information about pupils with other staff, parents / carers, internal and external agencies, as appropriate.
  • Understand and support independent learning and inclusion of all pupils as required.

Teaching Assistants in this role may also undertake some or all of the following:

  • Work with individual pupils with special educational needs.
  • Work with pupils for whom English is not their first language.
  • Assist in the development of individual development plans for pupils (such as Individual educational plans).
  • Support the work of volunteers and other teaching assistants in the classroom.
  • Support the use of ICT in the curriculum.
  • Invigilate exams and tests.
  • Assist in escorting and supervising pupils on educational visits and out of school activities.
  • Select, prepare and clear away classroom materials and learning areas ensuring they are available for use, including developing and presenting displays
  • Support pupils in developing and implementing their own personal and social development
  • Assist pupils with eating, dressing and hygiene, as required, whilst encouraging independence
  • Monitor and manage stock and supplies for the classroom.