Top 10 tips for eye-care

October is national eye-care month and with increasing use of computers and digital screens, we thought we would give some reminders and 10 top tips regarding eye-care.

Over-use of looking at a digital screen can induce tired, strained eyes, blurred vision and dry eye syndrome. It is caused by the glare of devices, having a reduced on-screen contrast and excessive strain because of changes in habits triggered by looking at digital screens.

The following are 10 brief top tips to manage digital screen use and reduce the effects on eyes.

1 Make sure your lighting is brighter than your monitor in order to reduce glare.

2 Adjust the brightness on your devices, make it a habit to check you have not got it on full brightness.

3 Have frequent breaks without using screens: don’t have a break from your computer and check your phone, you should not look at any digital screens for at least 20 seconds, every 20 minutes.

4 Make sure your computer monitor is at arms-length away from you.

5 Blink more. Looking at digital screens reduces our blinking habit which should be 15 times per minute. Blinking keeps the eyes moist.

6 Reduce the blue light that screens emit by altering blue within the colour control panel on your device or by using the night-time setting.

7 If you wear glasses, make sure you opt for ones that have filters to reduce blue-light or you can even purchase ‘computer glasses’ specifically to wear when using digital screens.

8 Make sure your environment is not too dry which will exacerbate dry eyes, especially if you have central heating. Leave a bowl of water near to where you work (but not directly by your computer) and open windows regularly for good air circulation.

9 Get your eyes checked regularly at an optician.

10 Be aware of your work and leisure choices. If you have to use a digital screen for work, make sure your leisure activities offer you some non-digital scope to give your eyes a rest.