World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day aims to make people aware of the importance of mental health and to help de-stigmatise it. First celebrated in 1992, organised by the World Federation for Mental Health, the theme this year is to ‘Make Mental Health and Well-Being for All a Global Priority’.

Supply teachers and wellbeing

It is well known that teaching generally for many in the education sector is stressful. But for supply teachers it can be the same level of stress but for different reasons. The benefit of supply teaching can be that you choose when you want to work but on the other hand not knowing when you are going to work can be difficult as well as managing financially. Specialist education recruitment agencies are your best option in securing you longer term placements and steady work if that’s what you want.

Supply teachers also face going into new schools more often than permanent staff This can be a benefit if you enjoy change and can result in fewer commitment within the teacher role which can adds to a heavy workload for permanent teachers. However, on the other hand, a supply teacher needs to prepare to face new children, staff and schools on a regular basis Click here to view our guide to help you prepare for your first day of placement.

Looking after your own wellbeing will not just benefit you but your students as well. So here is a list of previous latest news that you may find helpful as we’ve included many helpful articles over the years.

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Don’t forget all are registered supply candidates can access discounted CPD via CPDonline who offer relevant courses. Mental Health Awareness for Teachers is a useful course that covers a lot of need-to-know tips. To read more click here

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